"Big Bertha" and the Noble Train

"Big Bertha" and the Noble Train


"Big Bertha" and the Noble Train


It is that time of year, when we reflect on the birth of the nation and the tremendous effort of those that made that improbable victory possible.  General Henry Knox undertook the task of getting General Washington the big guns that he needed.  Knox knew that the big guns of Fort Ticonderoga would make the difference between victory and defeat.

60 Tons and 300 Miles To Move It 

After capturing Fort Ticonderoga, Henry Knox and his men had the task of moving 59 pieces of equipment including cannons ranging in size from four to twenty-four pound, mortars, and howitzers. The largest pieces, the twenty-four pound "Big Berthas", were 11 feet long and estimated to weigh over 2.5 tons each.  Knox estimated the total weight to be transported at 119,000 pounds (about 60 tons).   


The Noble Train

There was about 300 miles of uncut roads standing between Fort Ticonderoga and General Washington in the Boston area.  Adding to that challenge, it was the middle of the winter.  This was an impossible task, but Knox was innovative and built 42 sleds and used 80 yoke of oxen to do the impossible.  Historians would refer to this expedition as the Noble Train.  The task to move that steel took 10 weeks, but on March 5, 1776, those canons had been put in place.  When the British woke up that morning to face those canons, they knew they were in trouble, and 12 days later the most powerful army in the world, was forced to retreat in the face of a much smaller army who had relied on their ingenuity to move 60 tons of steel when it mattered the most.

Innovative Transport Solutions, we help put steel on trains

While the mission of General Knox was critical to the birth of our nation, Innovative Transport Solutions understands that shipping steel is important to your business.  Thanks to our innovative Mobile Transport Tray (MTT), our customers are able to load up to 25 tons of steel or other heavy freight on the MTT and then easily push it into a standard container in under a minute.  Once loaded on a container, our customers are able to easily ship steel on a train- and that is a noble decision of its own.  Today we stop and salute the efforts of General Knox and others who found a way to move big steel back then and those who keep our country strong by moving sttel today.



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