Innovative Transport Solutions: Asking The Question

The Day Someone Asked "The Question"


Asking The Question:

A manufacturer of construction material had to make a choice, he had two identical shipments, that needed to go via ocean container.  Because of the size and awkwardness of their freight, they had chosen in the past to send their freight via an open top container.  In addition to the challenges associated with loading the freight, on the receiving end of things their freight required them to spend money while the freight was being held waiting on a boom truck to come and unload the freight.  They had not thought of another way to ship their freight because, this is how they always shipped it.  Then in came a new employee, he was not married to the old way of doing things, so he asked The Question- Isn't there a better way to do this?

Perhaps you remember doing story problems in school.  They usually involved logistics: Person A: traveling at a certain speed and under certain conditions versus Person B: traveling at a certain speed and under certain conditions.  Which person will get there sooner.  We just accept the fact that there are one of two possibilities.  However, when it comes to shipping our freight via containers, why do we assume that there is just one possibility?  If you have been asking The Question- Isn't there a better way to do this?  The answer is yes- yes there is.

The Alternative To- We Have Always Done It This Way

Innovative Transport Solutions has been solving the toughest logistics challenges for some time, in part because we always start by asking ourselves The Question- Isn't there a better way to do this?  One of our solutions is the Mobile Transport Tray System or MTT System.  The MTT System allows shippers to stack their freight on our mobile tray securely and safely on our mobile tray and then using a single fork lift push the tray into place into your container.  On the other end the tray is easily removed as it slides out quickly from the container, again using a single fork lift truck.  The savings on a single shipment including reduced man-hours and avoiding renting special equipment could be a thousand dollars or more.  If you are someone who has been asking The Question, contact the folks at Innovative Transport Solutions- we have the answers.


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