Press Release November 2010

Innovative Transport Solutions Moves to Expansive New Location to Accomodate Continued Growth

Large warehouse and headquarters space for Innovative Transport Solutions allows for refinement and continuous development of efficient freight loading and unloading products.

Innovative Transport Solutions, formerly CLS International USA, has moved to a larger facility that includes an office suite, warehouse and product development space that provides more room for its growing business and research and development activities.

The new location, 140 Eastern Avenue in Bensenville, IL (near O'Hare International Airport), gives Innovative Transport Solutions (ITS) the growing room it needs for the next generation of freight loading and unloading products that save shippers and receivers time money and improves worker safety.

The new location also accomodates the company's ongoing international and domstic freight services business, including trailer load (TL), less-than-trailer load (LTL), rail, ocean, trans-loading, cross-border, warehousing and related services.  Paul Gibbs, president, noted that demand for ITS' efficient freight-loading and unloading products has grown significantly since its first product, the Mobile Transport Tray, was introduced five years ago.  The Portable Roller Bed, launched two years ago and has been equally successful.  

"Our freight loading and unloading products play a key role in our ability to design and improve products that lower costs and improve safety when loading and unloading freight," Gibbs said.  "Our increase space will enable us to further refine our products and develop new ways to improve freight loading and unloading."