Shipping Steel? We Can Help Contain The Problem

Shipping Steel?  We Can Help Contain The Problem

Do you ship structural steel, pipe, tubular, bar & coil, building materials and in-gauge equipment & machinery for Multi-Modal Transport (rail/truck/ocean)?  If so, you know that shipping this type of heavy awkward freight can be a significant challenge.  The challenges include additional labor costs, equipment rental cost etc.  Multi-Modal shippers have been looking for a solution for some time and now it is here.

Introducing the Mobile Transport Tray or MTT.  The MTT has been solving some of the most challenging shipping problems, by providing a steel platform or tray on which to stack your heavy, awkward steel or other freight.  Once fully loaded the MTT can be slid into a standard container in under a minute using a standard forklift truck.  Once loaded in the container, your freight is ready to travel via rail/truck or ocean- you have options.  

Innovative Transport Solutions has been working for sometime addressing the most challenging shipping problems and our solutions like the MTT deliver bottom-line results.  If you are looking to containing your heavy or awkward freight, Innovative Transport Solutions can help.  Check out this video below and then contact our team of professionals today.



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