The Smart Dock Solution: It Is About Time Someone Thought of This

 Smart Dock Solution: It Is About Time Someone Thought of This


We live in amazing times.  We live in times where there are tough challenges and we need innovative solutions to solve those problems fast.  At Innovative Transport Solutions (ITS) we have been solving some of the most challenging shipping problems around.  One example is our Smart Dock combined with our Mobile Transport Tray (MTT).  When you see this solution in action, you will say to yourself what a lot of our customers say "It is about time someone thought of this!"

For years we have been talking to customers who find themselves handling heavy or awkward freight through a facility without a dock.  Now thanks to our solution, you can take advantage of the Smart Dock which gives you the remote loading platform or dock that you have been looking for, then by adding the Mobile Transport Tray or MTT, your heavy or awkward freight can be stacked onto the MTT sitting on top of the Smart Dock using a standard forklift truck.  Once loaded, the Smart Dock will push your loaded MTT into your container or trailer in order a minute.  The great news is the MTT system are stackable- after you collect several on the receiving end- just load them into a returning trailer or container to rebalance your inventory.

Innovative Transport Solutions delivers innovative ideas and bottomline solutions, designed to give you options, reduce your labor cost and help your business overcome the challenges associated with heavy or awkward freight.  Click on the image above to watch the video of the MTT and Smart Dock solution in action, then reach out to our team at Innovative Transport Solutions to find out how we can help your remote locations without docks become even more productive.

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