Testimonials for Innovative Transport Solutions

Large Steamship Line

"Innovative Transport Solutions offers a tested and innovative product that is customizable to suit the potential buyer's specific needs.  My experience with Innovative Transport Solutions has been a positive one in terms of the quality of their product, their willingness to work with me on my specific requirements, their ability to respond promptly, and most of all, their trustworthy business style of stating their terms clearly without a hidden agenda, and by standing by their word."


Global Freight Forwarder headquartered in Europe

"We have been working with Innovative Transport Solutions for over two years with excellent results.  I can see a lot of benefits to any company who utilizes this unique system.  The time to load and unload the containers is dramatically reduced.  Detention, demurrage and drop and pick runs can be eliminated.  Damages have been reduced by over 70%.  The chassis' can be used to store commodities in the warehouse, so we have also reduced warehouse and storages charges which is something that we did not consider when calculating our ROI. 

Using the Chassis eliminates the need for bracing and blocking, which helped us save on costs tremendously.  We eliminated the need to fumigate dunnage and we were able to include this projects as a part of our environmentally friendly initiatives.

Working with Innovative Transport Solutions is easy.  The ITS team are honest, easy to work with and come through with their promises. 

In summary, I can only recommend this long awaited innovative solution to container loading and transport."  


Global Freight forwarder headquartered in Europe

"We've been working with Innovative Transport Solutions for approximately two years now.  We found the MTT to live up to our high expectations.  Our loading and unloading times have been reduced dramatically, both directly linked to the elimination of blocking and bracing process and the need for additional dunnage.  In addition to this, we have seen a reduction in damages and claims.  Innovative Transport Solutions has delivered everything that they said they would.  I am very pleased with their level of professionalism and fairness.  I would highly recommend both their company and their innovative products."  


Global steel and tooling company

"As part of a major project, we were seeking ways to reduce time to load/off-load steel shipped via containers and save cost.  ITS worked closely with us, at our facilities in North America and Europe, to first understand our needs and then offer a solution to meet those needs. 

We have a very demanding application for the loading skids and the quality of the product is evident.  The team at ITS does business in a professional manner and are a pleasure to work with.  We achieved our productivity goals, significantly reduced time to secure and break down the load and made the process of handling steel much safer for our employees.  I look forward to working with Innovative Transport Solutions on future projects."