Your Freight Wants To Move Too

Your Freight Wants To Move Too


No one enjoys waiting in line at the airport, it seems like you are just standing still or moving in a line going no where.  You just want to get loaded up and on to your destination.  You keep thinking to yourself someone should invent a technology or system to make this whole process a lot easier.  Imagine if your steel freight could express human feelings like that.  "Why can't we just get loaded up and on to our next destination?"  If only there was a way to speed up this whole process.

The Mobile Transport Tray (MTT) Is The Answer

Introduced by Innovative Transport Solutions, the MTT will put your steel freight and your awkward freight on the fast track moving through your distribution center or warehouse as lightning speed.  Once loaded your MTT can carry your freight into a standard container in just under a minute, loaded up and ready to go to its next destination.  There may not be an equivalent solution for moving people, but when it comes to freight the MTT will help your freight move- really move!.

Check out the MTT in action in the video below.  We can help you get your freight moving and reduce the headaches associated with loading and unloading.  Contact our team of professionals and find out how we can bring the MTT to your facility!  


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