Intermodal Transloading Services


Innovative Transport Solutions provides crossdocking services for domestic and international intermodal movements. Supporting import and export movements, Innovative can provide product unloading, sorting, segregating, palletization and/or packaging.  Innovative can provide drayage services to retrieve containers from intermodal yards.


Our Crossdocking process can be as visible, or invisible, to the consignee as the Manufacturer desires. Innovative's customer service representatives will contact the consignee to schedule delivery appointments representing the shipper. This creates the appearance that the consignee is only interfacing with one organization.

Conversely, several other shippers prefer that Innovative contact their Customers using the Innovative name, as Innovative is a trusted and respected name in third Party Logistics resulting from years of service and commitment to meeting unique delivery requirements.

ITS-Dock Express

ITS-Dock Express is expedited, emergency service for distressed shipments currently moving via truck or rail that must be diverted to our distribution center on short notice requiring special care.

Some examples of emergency services include:

  • Railcars that require unloading and expedited truckload service to a specified destination
  • Truckload or rail shipments that require emergency re-working due to loading error or shifting
  • Product that must be stored temporarily until a Customer is able to receive it
  • Product that must be stored temporarily due to extreme weather conditions
  • Shipments that require value-added services prior to delivery such as palletizing or banding

Diversions and emergencies in every variety require immediate action, frequent communication, and strong partnerships with truckload carriers, rail carriers, customers and consignees.