The Challenge of Shipping Multiple Cars in a Container is Solved!

The Easi-Shipper system from Innovative Transport Solutions offers a number of key benefits over alternative shipping solutions:

Deck Type: Guided Deck System Floating Deck (not secure)
Certified to life: 6,600 Lbs 4,400 lbs
Easy to fit? Yes. Two person assembly within 10 minutes. No. Fixed into container using many people or machinery.
Easy to remove? Yes, with no damage. No. Requires permanent fixtures or modifications.
Easy to ship? Yes. Can be flat packed into a bag and weighs less than 4,000kg. No. Large framework not manufactured to be disassembled.
Cars per 40’ high cube container: 5-6 4 or less

The ITS Easi-Shipper:

  • Allows for door-to-door service
  • Commoditizes automobile shipments
  • Provides an inland option to steamship lines and intermodal carriers to fill otherwise non-productive containers
  • Adaptable for any standard or high cube container

Easi-Shipper Assembly


Easi-Shipper Lift

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