Applying Technology to Transportation Challenges

"We simply applied common sense to a few particularly inefficient loading and unloading situations, and then made the investment to engineer solutions.  Because they address and solve so many domestic and international loading problems, they can bring a shipper and receiver instant savings through more efficient freight loading and unloading, and enable shipping through a conventional manner without the need for special equipment."  Paul Gibbs, President


Featuring: The Mobile Transport Tray

One of our most popular products, The Mobile Transport Tray has transformed how our customers move heavy freight.  From Drywall to Steel, the Mobile Transport Tray reduces the time and labor required to move difficult to handle freight.


Innovative Solutions

What sets the ITS team apart is its commitment to look differently at the transportation process and create more efficient and cost effective solutions to freight moving challenges.  Below are some of the examples of innovations that we have brought our customers to solve some of the tough shipping challenges.  Click on the images below to learn how these products are overcoming the obstacles faced by our customers.

Mobile Transport Tray

Portable Roller Bed



Smart Dock

Innovative Services

ITS goes beyond providing products, we bring our commitment to overcome difficult freight shipping challenges to our service offerings as well.  Click on the images below to learn how our service offerings help our customers moving ahead.


Innovative Consultation

Clients that appreciate ITS' commitment to customer service and our think "outside-the-box" solutions, find that ITS can provide innovative customized solutions to their most difficult freight challenges. Whether you need help in warehousing/storage, inter-modal transportation or domestic freight transportation, ITS' consultants can develop a solution that is both efficient and cost effective.

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