PBS System: Defining and Solving your shipping problems

The PBS System is an innovative solution to your shipping problem


Let's face it there are plenty of challenges and choices faced by shippers in moving their freight from point A to point B.  Some of these problems are common regardless of the freight that you are shipping, problems like:

Shipping problems keeping you awake?

Shipping problems keeping you up at night? Maybe its the bed!


Caution Fragile Freight: Handle with a PBS System


For shippers, two things that don't go well together: Fragile and High Value

When it comes to shipping high value or fragile cargo, often the best solution is a roller bed.  The problem is that within most fleets the expense of a roller bed trailer, means that they are often in limited supply.  

Ship steel free...of headaches

Ship Steel free...of headaches


When it comes to Steel use the right tool for the job.


When it comes to Steel, use the right tool for the job


Special Handling Required...Not


Special Handling Required...Not!

Up until now if you were planning on shipping difficult cargo like steel or construction equipment, your options would include:
  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Flat-racks
  • Open-Top Containers